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Conservatory Junction - timber sunrooms - uk
Working with you to get timber sunrooms in and around uk
Tip - If you are trying to find timber sunrooms then be aware that some less reputable suppliers in and around uk will try to fool you into thinking that you have got a bargain. One common tactic used is to give a price which is always far too high and then make a big play about having forgotten to include something major which would push the price up considerably and that they’ve already given the price so you feel like you have got a bargain and got one over on the rep don’t be fooled it’s just another sales trick.

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Choosing a sunroom is a major decision in terms of the cost and the disruption to your home while it is being built. The term "sunroom" also causes some confusion - some people mean a conservatory, others mean a flat roofed glass building - attached or separate from your house, others again mean a structure that is open to the elements on one or more sides. Our process will ignore the words and take you through the design of the structure you want - in pictures so that there is no confusion for either you or your suppliers.

Our calculator will let you look at general pricing for various options - enter your chosen style and sizes and have a look at what you are likely to be spending. Re-adjust your options as often as you want to see the difference that you can make to the price.
You now have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. Submit your details to us and we will take the hard work out of your search by identifying suppliers (never more than four but fewer if you prefer) that can fulfil you criteria. We'll get them to contact you and arrange to quote - don't forget many of these companies have many years of experience and you can benefit from their ideas and advice. Use them all to help you make the best decision for you.

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Tips for timber sunrooms in and around uk

Tip - While you are looking for timber sunrooms remember that identifying the right suppliers will be key to your success in finding a good quality sunroom at a competitive price and our service will help get you started by pointing you in the right direction for suppliers in and around uk.

Tip – while you are looking for timber sunrooms in and around uk you may want a sunroom with one fully open side. This is an easy and cheaper option if you do not wish to use your sunroom as an additional room in your house.

Tip - When you are trying to find timber sunrooms in and around uk have a look at sunrooms attached to homes similar to yours flick through magazines browse the internet and send off for brochures to get an appreciation of the different designs that are available on the market. If you have a particularly large or difficult project in mind it is a good idea to have your plans drawn up by an architect.

Conservatory prices vary considerably from one supplier to another. We help you search the conservatory market online to get the best prices.

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